Frequently asked questions

How do you choose the design and colour?

This is the most critical part of the appointment and we do it together! Nothing starts until you are 100% happy with the design and colour choice. initially I draw on the design with a pencil, creating an outline. I discuss the outline with making any adjustments we'd both feel necessary.  moving on to colour choice, i sample different colours across your forehead so that we can discuss and agree the most suitable tones.

Is it painful?

Most people rate a 3 out of 10 discomfort (not pain) A topical anaesthetic gel is applied to numb the area. Small little scratches would be felt. You're welcome to come to the appointment pre numbed with a topical cream available from pharmacies if you'd like but 99% of my clients manage without this.

How long does  the appointment  last?

The treatment takes approximately 2hours. 15mins consulting and designing, the treatment itself takes about an hour and a half and then 15mins to leave the area settle and talk you through your aftercare.  

At the end of the appointment I'll get you booked back in for your 2nd appointment due in 4-6 weeks time. At this appointment Im able to asses your healed results and replace any strokes that may have faded to much and make any necessary adjustments. this appointment usually takes an hour.

After care. 

Day one of your permanent makeup procedure:-The colour of your permanent makeup procedure will be 50% darker immediately after the treatment. Don’t worry it will start to get lighter between 4-10 days this is perfectly normal and the true healed colour will take about 4-6 weeks to come through. If you lose too much colour during the healing process I can simply add more at your perfection visit.

After Care during the 10 Day healing period:

  • day 1; 1 hour after treatment, with clean hands dip a cotton bud into gentle cleanser (baby shampoo and water) and carefully wash your brows, pat brows dry with a dry cotton bud or tissue. Apply a THIN layer of Take Care Beauty Balm.   Repeat this process hourly, until you go to sleep.

  • day 2-10;  using the same technique as above clean brows 3 times a day and keep brows LIGHTLY glossed with Take Care Beauty Balm every time you clean the brows.


What not to do

  • do not pick at scabs if any apear  

  • do not expose to sun or tanning beds

  • no facials, swimming or saunas for 7 days

  • no exercising until day 5, no heave sweating

  • no makeup or tinting brows for 10 days

  • do not apply ant ageing creams over the brows until completely healed

How often will I need top ups?

Top ups vary from client to client and will depend on various factors i.e skin type, age, lifestyle ect. top ups are generally anything from 10 months to 18 months. I'd advise waiting at least 10 months for a top us so as not to saturate the brows with pigment.