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Our PhiLings Palette consists of two anti-ageing, rejuvenating and bio-regenerative  treatments. The Phi-Lings package combines two revolutionary techniques perfectly complimenting one another or can be used as two separate  – MICRONEEDLING and PHI-ION. The PhiLings package deals with both of these treatments to the same extent allowing me to properly combine the services to get the most professional holistic results.

This procedure is aimed at stimulating the microcirculation and the natural processes of collagen production and regeneration.  

 Micro-punctures are being inflicted by the hand held Phi-needle pen device (Derma Pen), in the region of the most prominent wrinkles or skin changes and across the entire face. Microneedles penetrate the skin to the depth of 0,2 – 0,75mm and the procedure is considered to be painless.

 During the treatment specially designed and patented Gel Solution is applied to the skin surface and subsequently absorbed through the micro punctures allowing the gel formula to be active in the deepest layers of the dermis, maximising collagen reproduction, stimulating and renewing skin cells.

After the procedure, the skin will look red and flushed, in a similar way to moderate sunburn. You may also experience skin tightness and mild sensitivity to touch on the area being treated. Most of the redness will pass within a few hours post treatment but can take up to 3 days to go completely.

For best results it is mandatory to follow the aftercare.

Following your treatment your skin is able to continue absorbing for the next three days, there for each client is given 3 days’ worth of product to take home to continue the treatment and maximise effects.

Treatment results include: skin hydration, increased skin tone and smoothness causing existing wrinkles to be less visible and skin younger looking. Results become visible 24 hours after and shall last for a few months. The procedure is repeated up to three times ten to fourteen days apart.

To achieve desired results, it usually takes up to 3 treatments, with 2 weeks gap between each of them. The results last from up to 6 months.

Overall effects:

Skin tightening, lifting and rejuvenation, Acne scars and wound healing, Improves wrinkles and fine lines, minimize pore size.



Over recent years there has been an increase in the demand for cosmetic procedures that are less invasive, have minimum recovery time and come with more affordable prices. Clients are after a non-surgical treatment method, that provides similar results as seen with surgery.

This revolutionary method is capable of performing procedures and achieving results comparable to the results of cosmetic surgery including: Eyelid correction, crow feet, marionette lines and mouth lines. Phi-Ion provides an effective non-surgical blepharoplasty (baggy eyelid correction), and soft surgical wrinkle tensioning using Plasma Sublimation Treatmet.

Phi-Ion treatment is based on creating a series of minute dots adjacent to the tension lines on the skin, this process triggers an instant contraction and tightening of skin fibres to create a lifting, remodelling and rejuvenating effect. Phi-Ion pen uses the plasma state of matter. The principle involves the ionization of gases from the atmospheric air to create micro electrical discharge causing sublimation of the excessive/sagging superficial skin layer. This method can be used to treat specific areas of concern without damaging the surrounding tissue or applying unwanted heat energy to them.

What happens during Plasma sublimation treatment?

Following a consultation where you can discuss your expectations for treatment and whether plasma sublimation is the right treatment for you, the practitioner will take some photographs for later before and after comparison, and you will sign a consent form. Then, the treatment area will be cleaned. A topical anaesthetic cream will be applied and left to take effect for up to 30 minutes.

When the plasma electrode tip touches the skin, the devices will cut out straight away, to stop any injury. However, you are likely to feel heat and discomfort in the treatment area, but treatment will only last between 10 – 30minutes depending on the size of the area being targeted.

What is the recovery time for Plasma sublimation treatment?

As opposed to surgery, most people can return to work the same day, as there is very little downtime, although you will have swelling and possible bruising.

Following treatment, there will be some heat in the skin, like a sunburnt feeling with redness, and little carbon crusts where the tip has been fired to the skin. These scabs will heal and fall off within 5-7 days, leaving fresh pink skin underneath. There may also be swelling depending on the area of treatment, but that should only last a couple of days.


What should you do after PHI ION Treatment?

You are likely to feel a burning sensation after treatment, but that will usually disappear in the space of a few hours. A soothing cream is applied and provided as aftercare for you to take home and continue to use.

It is important to keep the skin protected with a high factor sunscreen (SPF 30+) whilst it is healing. Do not pick or scratch at the carbon crusts as this could lead to scarring or even infection, so keep the area clean and dry. The skin will be particularly sensitive whilst it is healing, so avoid scrubs or alcohol based cleansers.

One treatment is usually enough to achieve desired results. After 1 month, on check-up appointment, the practitioner determines if an additional treatment is necessary. The results are expected to last approximately one year.



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