WoW! Why was I sooo worried about getting my brows done?
Well, I was, but as my appointment was bang to time in I went and Jess immeadiately put me at ease.....she is just that kinda girl!

Her professionable manner and experience is apparent from the moment I sat on the couch and straight away I knew she 'got'me. 

The proceedure took approx one hour, and, I honestly could have dozed off if we hadnt been chatting excitedly. Jess constantly kept reassuring me and telling me what she was doing and why.

The end result was jaw dropping, I was more than happy with brows that were looking back me in the mirror.....!
Instructions on aftercare were dead easy and worked.

I am looking forward to my follow up appointment now and am soooo enjoying the lovely comments from family and friends......ahem, one friend is convinced I have had botox as I look so different and younger.....Jessica Pulman, THANK YOU!

Jess did a brilliant job with my brows, I had the microbladed brow treatment after researching the technique online, it was pain free and looks amazing!...I have had scars on my brows since childhood and they have been totally covered and look natural. I only wish that I had got this treatment sooner. If anyone is thinking about getting the epi brow treatment then book now, I know Jess is going to be booked up quick with the excellent results she produces....AMAZING!!! x

a big huge thank you to jess I have just had my eyebrows done and they are absolutely fantastic they look so real I can't stop looking at them words can not say how happy I am and how fantastic jess is absolutely amazing

For anyone who is not happy with their eyebrows, I would recommend getting Epibrow by Jessica Pulman !!! I have just had mine done and I'm delighted with the results. I previously had semi permenant tattooing, plus several top-ups, none of which met my satisfaction. I personally found the tattooing painful and uncomfortable, despite the area being numbed. I can honestly say the Epibrow tratment is much less painful. On times there was no ppain at all, and other times the feeling can be compared to a plucking sensation !!! Also the treatment does not last as long, resulting in the area being less sensitive unlike the tattooing. The Epibrow is non-invasive, and it has not caused me any bleeding, swelling, scabbing, soreness or after pain. Following my tattooing I had scabs on my eyebrows for approximately a week. My eyebrows are natural looking and are exactly the shape and thickness iv always wanted !!!

For the past twenty years i have had to go through the repetitive chore of pencilling in my eyebrows, due to losing the majority of them from a thyroid problem.  This process would go on day after day, after day, sometimes applying them more than once.  I am quite a confident person, but, the one thing that always made me self conscious was the fact i could not leave the house without applying my eyebrows, as i would be devastated if anyone saw me without them.  This meant having to get up early in the morning in order to have the right amount of time to pencil them on, as i was fanatical about making sure they were symmetrical on my face, and if they weren't i would have to clean them off and re-apply them again.  If it was my day off, i would make sure i pencilled them in before going shopping with my husband and you can imagine the patience that it took for him having to hang around while i did it.  Bearing in mind i could go without any make-up when leaving the house, just not the brows.
For the last four years i had been very interested in eyebrow tattooing, and had looked on many websites to compare prices and testimonials, however, the prices were just ridiculous, and sadly i couldnt justify paying between £500 and £900 to get my brows done, plus, i didnt want a block brow tattoo, which would just look like i had pencilled it anyway, i wanted the Epibrow which looks like natural hairline brows.  So, it was coming up to my wedding anniversary and my husband had asked me what i wanted for a gift.  So i asked my sister to enquire on Facebook about a good eyebrow tattooist, close to my area, which didnt cost the earth.  Within a few hours she contacted me with Jessica's details at Serenity in Aberfan (which is only a mile from me - even better!) with loads of recommendations and pictures for me to view.  I was so impressed with what i saw and the price was fantastic too. I spoke to my husband and knowing how self conscious i have been for so long, he was well up for treating me to this fantastic experience.  I literally contacted jessica at half seven that evening and she was brilliant with me, explaining everything that needed to happen.  Within the week i had had my skin feel test to see if i was allergic to the dye used and was then booked in to have my first treatment.   Four weeks down the line i had my final top up and that was that.  I wasnt nervous at all about the procedure as Jessica made me feel completely relaxed throughout and within an hour and a half it was done and my eyebrows looked fabulous. 
I was so happy with the outcome,  it has changed my life.  No more feeling embarrassed if i have to go to the hairdressers to have a cut and blow dry, and worried that when they towel dry my hair, that they are gonna smudge my pencilled on brows.  Just recently, i went to a spa day with my friend and had a full body massage, and had to lie on one of those massage beds with the hole in for your face to rest in.  The first thing that came to mind, was if i had my pencilled brows on,  this experience would not have been as relaxing as it was or end well with eyebrow pencil everywhere.
Thanks to Jessica's amazing work, my confidence has soared and i am so very grateful to her - thanks Jess xxxx