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Experienced MicrobladinG & PERMANENT MAKEUP  Artist

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Jessicca offers the most comprehensive choice of Eyebrow Permanent Makeup techniques in the industry. Whether you are looking for something soft and natural or to create more of a statement look, she uses the best products and techniques available to create truly bespoke and utterly flawless results for her clients.

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Microblading hairstrokes

Microblading is an ideal treatment for anyone wanting to enhance the look of their eyebrows, without it looking overly obvious. The results of microblading are beautiful, natural-looking, fuller eyebrows, designed to blend in naturally with your existing brow hairs, giving you the shape and definition you desire. It can last anywhere from 6 -12 months depending on different factors such as client’s skin type, sun exposure, lifestyle, chemicals contained in creams and beauty products applied to the skin.

Combo brow

This technique is combination of both hairstrokes and shading, perfect for ladies that don’t have any natural eyebrow hair. By adding shading behind the hair strokes adds depth and a haze of colour where the eyebrow lacks natural hair, this creates a beautiful blend.

Ombré brows 

For the definitive statement look, Ombre brows are perfect for those that wish to imitate cosmetic eyebrow pencil to achieve a pixilated powdered effect. The Ombre technique is designed to add definition with a softer diffused edge and bulb.

Hyper-Realism brows 

Hyper-Realism Brows are a type of Eyebrow Tattooing but for this treatment we use a highly specialised, advanced tattooing technique to create super realistic, natural-looking brows. Rather than tattooing individual hairstrokes into the skin, I tattoo wispy, overlapping hairstokes in a unique pattern to mimic the natural movement and direction of real eyebrow hairs. This pattern builds in intensity in the middle of the eyebrow to create a hyper-realistic 3D effect.

Which style is right for me?...

Jess's advice "pick the style you like the look of, on the day of your appointment the consultation phase at the beginning allows us plenty of time to discuss the look you want to achieve and which option is best suited to your skin type and lifestyle. If it transpires that actually a different option is better suited for you we simply proceed with this treatment.  

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